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Monday, 3 March 2008

~*~ Atishoo.........bless me ~*~

I am feeling very miserable with myself, I started a ghastly cold last Wednesday afternoon at the FQ's and it is still bad, lots of snotting and sneezing and coughing.
So nothing much is getting done, sewing or otherwise.

Alex is in Hanoi at present, not much more info than that!!!


periwinkle said...

Hope you feel better soon
Lisa x

the happy quilter said...

How's the move going? and what about the pup? You missed Donny Day at the FQ on friday, we had a sing a long with the sewing.

Christine said...

Glad you liked Mrs Perkins - she was lots of fun. Hope you feel better soon - sounds like we have the same lurgy. No fun is it.

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