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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

~*~ Ring in the New.....2008 ~*~

A Happy and Healthy New Year !!!!!

It must be my age....I spent a good deal of Hogmanay running teenage children around to parties and then staying sober in case I needed to drive.

Verity, my 15 yr old daughter, has set off for Paris today, with her Dad. She will be away for 5 days. I am sure she will have a marvellous time but she has borrowed my camera, so no new photos from me for the next week. I haven't any new projects on the go anyway and I really should start packing up the house as the house purchase etc. seems to be going along smoothly so far, touch wood !!

Taking Alex and his friend Stephen up to Edinburgh tomorrow, to get his visa for China.
I know I am a bit of a sad so & so but this also coincides with the start of the Emma Bridgewater sale in Edinburgh.