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Saturday, 3 May 2008

~*~ K.L. calling...................~*~

Last Sunday, I was up the step-ladder , fitting a ceiling light on the landing when the 'phone rang. I nearly didn't answer it but I am so glad I did cos it was Alex , phoning all the way from Kuala Lumpur.
We chatted ,on skype, for over an hour. He is well and having the time of his life.I asked all the usual Mum things, like, Are you eating enough?,etc etc etc .......

The picture is the new ceiling light, bought in the Laura Ashley sale with 60% off, apparently it looks really spooky from outside!

Eventually, I got into the garden today,it was warm and sunny and the ground was workable.I forked over and weeded half of the area that I am going to plant up with "cut and comeagain flowers " for the house.
In the greenhouse, the seeds are starting to germinate and tiny seedlings are emerging.
Verity came home this afternoon,she has been doing her work experience at a boy's private school in Windsor and really enjoyed the whole week.

Pippin is nearly 4mths old and if he keeps still long enough I will take some photos.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

~*~ Lemon and Lime ~*~

A few of the goodies I brought back from Newby Hall including a signed book and a huge , lime green platter.

The haul also included a dahlia tuber " Rip City" a huge spiky purple/black flower but this is already tucked up in compost, hopefully ,sprouting.
The platter looks really fantastic filled with lemons and limes