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Friday, 2 November 2007

~*~ Strawberry Emery ~*~

Kim, finished at 7.50pm tonight. Not bad eh???

~*~ Kim returns from Houston ~*~

Friday afternoon sewing at the FQ's. Kim returned safely from Quilt Market with bags of samples of patterns, books and kits that she has ordered for the shop.Dawn is very excited because there is a lot of "bunny" inspired projects on their way.

Kim was wearing a purple glittery, feather boa that she got at an Eleanor Burns class but we all put that down to jetlag !!!

Pauline has almost finished her seahorse applique quilt and I finished piecing the pinwheel doll's quilt.

Ann sat all afternoon and drank tea !!!!

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

~*~ Oh so cute ~*~

Julie had a day-trip to Edinburgh yesterday and sought out this very cute candle at the Emma Bridgewater shop.

Wednesday tends to be a food shopping, ironing, housework, chores, etc, etc.so I'd better get on with it!!!

Monday, 29 October 2007

~*~ Back By Popular Demand ~*~

OK, OK, OK, I give in...........

So who are these babies?????........

Sunday, 28 October 2007

~*~ Pinwheels and Teacups ~*~

Had a really great Friday;

Met up with the Friday afternoon FQ's crew for lunch.The idea was to get the chatting out of the way and maybe some constructive sewing would get done.Did it work? No, we just chatted for longer!!!

Started this 40's Pinwheel quilt from the Kathleen Tracy book. This is the 3rd project in a row from this book, a real gem!!

Verity had her Halloween party on Friday night and it was great fun. Verity organised it all herself, planned the food and drink, decorated, carved pumpkins, sent out the invitations,fancy dress costumes, music, transport etc, etc........and tidied up afterwards!!!!!!!

In Nigella's recent cookery book, she served dessert in old-fashioned teacups and saucers and it looked so brilliant. Julie had a night away in the lakes and brought this lovely cup and saucer as a prezzie. I am going to look out for a few more to put puds in.