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Saturday, 5 July 2008

~*~ 100,49 & 1 ~*~

No these are not my lottery numbers but

100th post,

49 yrs old today &

1 yr as a blogger all celebrated today, the 5th of July 2008 !!!!

100th post means a giveaway, doesn't it? but what? NO IDEA but it will be something GREEEEEEAT !!!!!! Leave a comment and you may be lucky.

49yrs old today and don't look a day over 60 !!
Fabulous prezzies from Calum and Verity, spot the fab little chest of drawers and the vintage,funky, thread "doll"....
a gorgeous Boden summer wrap from Julie
a handmade,embroidered, garden journal from Pauline and
a bag full of green goodies from Dawn& a Bridgewater dolly teaset from Fiona.
A big,BIG,BIG Thankyou to everyone.

C,V &I had brunch in the "Chare", bacon and mushroom mini baguettes,huge hot chocs and cake and then I sewed with Julie with the women's tennis final on in the background.

and 1yr ago today I started this blog, in the beginning, I was almost fanatical but things have slackened off a bit too much recently but overall the average isn't too bad and I still enjoy doing it and also reading loads of other people's blogs on a regular basis.

to change the subject slightly, Pippy had the "snip" yesterday and should be sore and sleepy but, guess what, he's not. Watch your stitches pal !!!