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Friday, 13 February 2009

~*~ Chillin !! ~*~

The last few months have been very ,very busy and stressful and last week I started to feel the strain , physically and emotionally. So I have taken some time out to relax and get things back in perspective.
I have therefore been pottering around at home catching up with little jobs that have needed doing,catching up with sleep, walking the dogs , with friends , reading and my sewing and knitting.
The headaches, twitchy eyes, insomnia, overdoing the wine, and temper etc,etc have all improved.
Jill , a good friend, rang me recently cos she wanted to take up knitting again, she had seen some fingerless gloves I had knitted my boys and wanted to do some for her brood.The last few days ,I have been supervising her first glove. I have started a pair that I promised Calum before Christmas and am keeping up with Jill,s progress.
There have been a couple of "urgent" calls to "knit direct" as stitches have gone awol or patterns illegible.We even sat and knitted in the bar of the local cinema before going to see the "Reader" with Kate Twinset.
The knitting bug has really taken hold again and I am also knitting a tea cosy (why??)

Sewingwise, I attended 2 workshops with Sandie Lush which were marvellous and have started finishing a Bronwyn Hayes UFO

Off for a cuppa, chocolate biscuit, some knitting and the last few pages of "39 Steps" by John Buchan.