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Saturday, 15 September 2007

~*~ Kim's New Toy ~*~

Kim and Emma at The Fat Quarters have invested in a monstrous Gammill Longarm quilting machine and are revving up to start quilting customers quilts.

Kim has all the obligatory accessories- a wrist pincushion and a dinky apron which unfortunately she is not wearing in the photo. ( Darren give it back!)

It is a serious piece of kit and purrs along beautifully, stitching a multitude of patterns.

~*~ For My Next Trick ~*~

Don't ask me how I did it? but on Wednesday morning I slammed my left hand in the car door. Much hopping on the spot and cursing under the breath followed.For the rest of Wednesday I watched my thumb turn every colour of the rainbow, swell up and throb continuously.

Friday morning found me in A&E having my thumb "trephined", this involved a hot wire!!, X-rayed, dressed, and a course of antibiotics. My liver seems to have survived the paracetamol onslaught and my left hand is in use again.

You will be delighted to know that I didnt take any photos of the grizzly incident but I LOVE Playmobil.