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Monday, 13 April 2009

~*~ Easter in Northumberland ~*~

What a fabulous, sunny , Easter weekend we have had here in the North-East.
I have spent , almost, the whole time pottering in the greenhouse or the garden. The potatoes & onions are in ,perennials divided and replanted, bucketfuls of weeds removed & seeds sown.

In the evenings, tired, stiff but happy, a lot of easter chocs have been consumed.
Did you spot "Willie's Cocao" in the pic am I a Tv ad man's dream or what?

I sent off to our beloved Am.... for the latest Elm Creek book, a bit of a swiz, mostly recipes, probably lovely but in US measures, eveything kosher but not much story. Could I sell a book about cleaning out my kitchen cupboards ? this is the trouble about buying sight unseen , ay well looks pretty on the shelf.

What else ?

Started stripping the wallpaper off the hall !!!

Patchwork & Quilting..........................Nought doing !!

Knitting.............started a cotton thing using dk cotton I had ,looks a bit bright, may be visible from the moon if it gets finished.
managed to get out of the gloves loop, 5 pairs well 4 really 5th is odd ???

Now the weather is improving I might have a crack at this Amy Butler dress.....