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Saturday, 13 October 2007

~*~ On A Roll ~*~

It was great to get back to the FQ's yesterday after missing 2 weeks. Took my latest doll quilt with me :"underground railroad" from Kathleen Tracy's "American Doll Quilts".
I am sooo enjoying doing these little projects and sharpening up my piecing again.
Bought some funky fabric too, I am keen to make some "softies" in some off-beat fabric combos, inspired by mellyandme.
2 little quilts made this week !!!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

~*~ Where Do I Put It ? ~*~

Making small objects is very rewarding but what do you do with them when they're finished? Lucy Locket asked me what I was intending to do with my "strippy triangles" doll quilt. Some of my dollies are sitting on it, of course !!!

Last winter, Calum asked me to knit him a pair of fingerless gloves. Fingerless was required so constant fiddling with phones and ipods was not impeded.
I found a Rowan pattern and bought some gorgeous 4ply Scottish Tweed Rowan wool from Liberty's in Regent Street.Calum loved these gloves and Alex got a pair too.
Unfortunately both pairs are now missing and as the weather gets colder Calum's digits are suffering.He has started hinting ( heavily), for a new pair.

Luckily ? I bought a few extra balls of wool, as you do !!!, so I am going to embark on some new gloves. Should I attach a string to go through the arms??

A big THANK-YOU for all the good wishes and kind comments about my poorly foot. It looks like a peeling red onion !
I would not advocate scalding your foot but being housebound for a short time gives you lots of sewing time and also the children love all the cooking and baking that gets done.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

~*~ Strippy Triangles ~*~

I have really enjoyed sewing this doll quilt.It was quick to do, and didn't require much fabric but needed exact cutting and stitching.

I have rediscovered this little pincushion which I made a while ago, I love the old rose button and really made the pincushion to show off the button.

The foot is healing well and the RVI have given me permission to get out and about. I have to moisturise it well and get the skin toughened up, so I can put a shoe back on.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

~*~ Gourd Gracious Me ~*~

Verity is having a small halloween party in one of our outbuildings and she has started decorating it already.
We visited a local farm shop and Verity picked these three beauties.

Alex, my eldest, went down to the carboot fair this morning and is now sorting through his haul of ancient vinyl.

Verity and I visited a favourite shop of ours, RE, in Corbridge, and I bought a vintage veggie rack.