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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

~*~ Strippy Triangles ~*~

I have really enjoyed sewing this doll quilt.It was quick to do, and didn't require much fabric but needed exact cutting and stitching.

I have rediscovered this little pincushion which I made a while ago, I love the old rose button and really made the pincushion to show off the button.

The foot is healing well and the RVI have given me permission to get out and about. I have to moisturise it well and get the skin toughened up, so I can put a shoe back on.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

The pincushion is gorgeous Helen and I love that quilt - what will you do with it? Will you display it on the wall or find some lucky doll? Glad your foot is improving. Lucy x

the happy quilter said...

Love the strippy quilt, Glad your foot is healing, hope to see you on friday

Knot Garden said...

You made that quilt quick! It looks adorable. I like your choice of fabrics. The pincushion is lovely as well. So pleased to hear your foot is getting better.