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Saturday, 1 September 2007

~*~ A Pair Of ........~*~

I go to the Fat Quarters in Blackhall Mill most Friday afternoons.We have a chat, drink tea, eat and generally be merry. As we can all multi-task! we are all creating at the same time and what an eclectic bunch we are:-
Yesterday for example:

Margaret was applying the binding to a super floral lap quilt.

Dawn was starting rotary cutting strips for a cosy flannel quilt.

Pauline was working on her seahorse quilt/wallhanging.

Jenny was putting the finishing touches to a "Tilda" mouse.

Kim and Wendy were upgrading an embroidery programme on Wendy's sewing machine.
and moi...
I was making pears !!!

The flannell is for a horse {what else ???}
Incidently the sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed that I do all of my sewing and take most of my photos at the kitchen table in front of the aga.

~*~ Anyone For Tea ? ~*~

I love quirky knits etc, I have shared my crocheted cakes in previous posts.
Last week I bought a copy of "Homespun" magazine from the "Fat Quarters", mainly because Leanne Beasley's fete project was included. At home, browsing through more thoroughly, I came upon an article by US designer Betz White, she makes gorgeous articles with felted wool

My "Cup of Jo" arrived a week later from the US, isn't is beautiful!!!!

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

~*~ Elm Creek Quilts ~*~

Back in June, Leanne Beasley had a competition on her blog and the prize was an Elm Creek Quilt novel. Unfortunately I didn't win but I was intrigued enough to buy the "sampler" which contained the first 3 novels.
I thought they might be very sugary and expected not to enjoy them but guess what? I Loved them !!!. I finished book 10 "The Quilters Homecoming" a couple of weeks ago and can't wait till the end of November till the latest comes out. So all you quilters out there, if you haven't read about Elm Creek, give them a go.

Another lovely picture of Wendy too............

Had a bit of a spend on clothes today as the autumn clothes hit "Fat Face " today.

Monday, 27 August 2007

~*~ Funky Flannel Teddy ~*~

Had quite a creative day yesterday, made the dachshund and then while I was on a roll I made a "Tilda" teddy. One of my fave blogs is Melly and Me, and I love all the "softies" they create in funky fabric.I bought a metre of this flannel at the Fat Quarters recently and thought it would make a cuddly teddy for someone.

Dusted and tidied my plate rack this morning

~*~ Happy 19th Birthday Alex ~*~

Alex, my eldest boy is 19 years old today. Where have the years gone?

Sunday, 26 August 2007

~*~ While the sun shines ~*~

It was dark by the time Billy & Co finished the hay baling last night. Over 60 bales were cut from the field. The place looks much tidier and Verity has more space to put Vara through her paces.