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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

~*~ Elm Creek Quilts ~*~

Back in June, Leanne Beasley had a competition on her blog and the prize was an Elm Creek Quilt novel. Unfortunately I didn't win but I was intrigued enough to buy the "sampler" which contained the first 3 novels.
I thought they might be very sugary and expected not to enjoy them but guess what? I Loved them !!!. I finished book 10 "The Quilters Homecoming" a couple of weeks ago and can't wait till the end of November till the latest comes out. So all you quilters out there, if you haven't read about Elm Creek, give them a go.

Another lovely picture of Wendy too............

Had a bit of a spend on clothes today as the autumn clothes hit "Fat Face " today.


Lucy Locket said...

Hi Helen - I can't believe you waited so long before reading Elm Creek! I LOVE them - I stayed up nearly all night to read the Runaway Quilt in one go because I was so hooked! Bizarely (sp?) I haven't read the Quilter's Homecoming one yet and I've had it for ages! I don't know why - it may be because it doesn't touch on the modern day characters at all or just lack of time to devote to reading a long book that I know I won't want to put down. I may have a look at it next week when the children go back to school.

Anonymous said...

The books look great....I have had a couple sent to Mom (margaret) so I am sure we'll hear all about them. I love the pears....they look so perfect.

Anonymous said...

I love these books too. Maybe they aren't high literature, but they are so comforting, lovely to curl up with and how things ought to be.