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Monday, 23 July 2007

~*~ New Mum~*~

My mother hen and her 3 new chicks are doing fine.She is showing them how to find yummy creepy crawlies to eat.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

~*~ Betty's and York~*~

Due to lack of technical support this weekend ,I am having to post several posts,this is cos I cannot fiddle about with the photo placements like Verity does.There is a huge production team behind every great blog !!!
Had a good day in York on Saturday.The trains behaved themselves and the weather was dry (most of the time)
Afternoon tea in Betty's tearoom , proper tea with leaves and a large piece of Yorkshire Curd Tart.
Betty's stock exclusive Emma Bridgewater pottery ,so got a mug to go with my Fat Rascals.

~*~ Weekend Update~*~

Thursday ; They've arrived !!
The new chicks had hatched out by the time I got back on Thursday night.
Unfortunately,one didnt survive the hatching process but the remaining 3 are fab. 50% is not a great success rate is it?