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Saturday, 12 January 2008

~*~ I'm still here..... ~*~

Verity came home last weekend after a holiday in Paris with her Dad. She seems to have had a marvellous time, sightseeing, eating in lovely restaurants and, of course, shopping.

She brought us all back lovely presents including a moulin roty jug and a gorgeous crocheted "Wendy".

I bought the cow creamer in the EB sale when I took Alex up to Edinburgh at New Year

"Wendy" is sitting on a new stitchery project I've just started ;"Ring In The New " by Kathy Schmitz. These are 12 little stitcheries , one per month , worked in black cotton.Perfect to do in the evenings.

The new house purchase is approaching completion and I have started sorting and packing. I am a bit of a hoarder so there is a lot to do.
I am working on some little projects that do not involve spreading out loads of fabric, tools, machines etc.

Alex, my eldest ,sets off on the second stage of his gap year next week. He is visiting Poland, Russia, China, etc etc, this will take about 6mths. I am proud and excited for him but also frightened.