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Saturday, 6 October 2007

~*~ Last Roses of Summer ~*~

Verity and I went into Hexham to spend some "girlie" time together, Shopping and sitting chatting and people-watching in one of Hexham's lovely cafes.
Verity met up with a friend for more of the above and I went home, straight into the garden.The weather was glorious: warm and sunny, so I set about tidying up the front garden and pruning the roses.
I picked what was left of the roses, possibly the last this year
I wanted to share the new BOM quilt on www.mellyandme.typepad.com .Rosie has created this fabulous fresh, very girlie quilt which might be my next project.I have asked permission to show the photo.

Tidying up finished, I got my ongoing strippy, cot quilt out and sat sewing in the warm sunshine. Wendy, of course, was in on the action.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

~*~ Strippy Triangles ~*~

Thought I'd start something small and portable.
"American Doll Quilts " by Kathleen Tracy, contains lovely small projects.Decided upon "strippy triangles".

I must be getting out of practice, because the squares needed a bit of tweeking to get them to the right size.

Foot is healing well and I hope to be more mobile soon.

Sunday, 30 September 2007

~*~ Slaley Charity Auction ~*~

Slaley is a little village 5 miles outside Hexham. Every 2 years a charity auction is held in the village hall. This is an event not to be missed and I was determined to go, despite the poorly foot.

Viewing on Friday evening revealed the treasures. There are always a few vintage kitchen or garden pieces that appeal.
An added bonus, that makes it a real day out, is that refreshments are provided by Slaley WI and boy, can those women bake !!!

Word has spread about the potential bargains to be had and the hall was packed on Saturday afternoon. Bidding was fast and furious and I, surprisingly, held myself in check when some things started to go for silly money.

I bought: a large T&G Green mixing bowl, glazed inside in cream with a green stripe.

2 canary show cages ??

A Eltex galvanised poultry feeder and finally,

a vintage step-ladder type thingy which I can hang quilts over.

I missed out on some glorious , embriodered, lace edged pillowcases and some great garden tools, but never mind.

Despite being driven about and sitting with my foot up, my poorly foot was like a pudding last night, so a quiet day beckons tomorrow so I dont get too told off at the hospital on Tuesday.