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Saturday, 6 October 2007

~*~ Last Roses of Summer ~*~

Verity and I went into Hexham to spend some "girlie" time together, Shopping and sitting chatting and people-watching in one of Hexham's lovely cafes.
Verity met up with a friend for more of the above and I went home, straight into the garden.The weather was glorious: warm and sunny, so I set about tidying up the front garden and pruning the roses.
I picked what was left of the roses, possibly the last this year
I wanted to share the new BOM quilt on www.mellyandme.typepad.com .Rosie has created this fabulous fresh, very girlie quilt which might be my next project.I have asked permission to show the photo.

Tidying up finished, I got my ongoing strippy, cot quilt out and sat sewing in the warm sunshine. Wendy, of course, was in on the action.

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the happy quilter said...

Pleased to see you are out and about. I had the same sort of day as you, lunch in Hexham with my daughter and then home to do some gardening! This weather is just fabulous.