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Saturday, 8 September 2007

~*~ Auction at the Mart ~*~

This morning dawned gloriously sunny and warm, just the weather for standing out in a field bidding for old farm machinery.

I find that quilting lends itself to other hobbies. When you have made your quilt, it needs to be displayed, I love rustic, country, & prim "stuff", so I search around for furniture, baskets, trugs, spongeware, kitchenalia and such like to help "set the scene".
My house probably looks like the set of "Steptoe & Son".

My must have at the auction was this Porters Barrow, I actually went for show-jumps for Verity but they were far, far too expensive. Billy, my farmer friend , who cut the hay has given her some and delivered them this afternoon.

Kim,the chick hatched by Margaret, is now a gangly teenager.

~*~ Quilt Show in Harrowgate ~*~

Had a jaunt down to Harrogate yesterday to the Northern Quilt Championships. The standard of work seemed high but not many were to my taste.
The Coneflower quilt was the overall winner.

The retail side of the show was very disappointing.Stalls containing "reduced to clear" fabric and cheap tat.There didn't seem to be anything new at all.People seemed to be buying it though.
Years ago I used to travel down from Berwick upon Tweed and come home with carrier bags full of fabric bundles, patterns, books, and bits and bobs, mostly bought from the wonderful "Piecemakers" of Epsom.These essential supplies would last me most of the winter months until I restocked in the spring. Luckily my local quiltshop "Fat Quarters" is up to date and has a great selection of fabric.

I left this time, after 2 hours, with 2 books and certainly did not get my money's worth,the entrance fee was a hefty £8. I will not be going back.

The weather was glorious so I went into Harrogate and had a browse around the shops, hit "Betty's" for tea and then set off home.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

~*~ Back to School ~*~

Verity and Calum went back to school today, years 10 and 12 respectively.

I have just booked tickets for the musical "Mary Poppins" in London's West End.Has anyone seen it?

"Tilda" horse has turned out ok, I have made 4 or 5 small things lately and I now feel ready to start a more major project. I am having a jaunt out to Harrogate on Friday to the "Great Northern Quilt Show".I used to go faithfully every year but was disappointed the last time so stopped going.I don't need fabric,but am on the lookout for a couple of books.

Amanda (anonymous), thanks for all the comments, mum Margaret gave me your email address but I have misplaced the piece of paper. I have emailed Margaret again and will be in touch soon. Incidently we are expecting more hatchings this weekend!!

~*~ Blog Awards ~*~

Thank- you, I am delighted to accept these "blog" awards.I started on my birthday, 2 months ago and really enjoy sharing my hectic but fun day to day life with fellow "bloggers".