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Saturday, 8 September 2007

~*~ Auction at the Mart ~*~

This morning dawned gloriously sunny and warm, just the weather for standing out in a field bidding for old farm machinery.

I find that quilting lends itself to other hobbies. When you have made your quilt, it needs to be displayed, I love rustic, country, & prim "stuff", so I search around for furniture, baskets, trugs, spongeware, kitchenalia and such like to help "set the scene".
My house probably looks like the set of "Steptoe & Son".

My must have at the auction was this Porters Barrow, I actually went for show-jumps for Verity but they were far, far too expensive. Billy, my farmer friend , who cut the hay has given her some and delivered them this afternoon.

Kim,the chick hatched by Margaret, is now a gangly teenager.

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