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Saturday, 10 November 2007

~*~ Pinwheels ~*~

Been really busy the last couple of days but managed to finish off another "dolly" quilt.Am having a real craze on little projects.

Fat Quarters yesterday afternoon as usual.Pauline arrived and then left straight away because she didn't feel well,hope she is not going down with one of the dreadful lurgies that is going around.

Have been planning on moving house since January of this year,have viewed scores of houses but have lost out on the couple that have been suitable. Looked at another this morning that ticked most of the boxes ie location, garden, no of bedrooms, potential sewing room etc,etc.....but the vendor has refused my first and the revised offer and I can't afford any more so am a bit p..... off.

Am going to calm myself down by some gentle hoovering, start piecing a new "Little Quilt", watch Strictly and have some nice goodies to eat.


the happy quilter said...

Love your pinwheels quilt. Those doll quilts really show of your precise piecing. I am feeling much better today, thanks for the gift.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hope the vendors come to their senses soon Helen! Take care, Lucy x

Knot Garden said...

Beautifully pieced, I love those small quilts and am currently working on one of my own. I hope the right house comes along soon.

Darlene said...

Your little quilt is darling. I hope you can find a new home soon.

sharon said...

Hi Helen,
Thanks so much for my "winnings"..I LOVE them, I have posted a pic on my blog for all to see..

Andrelsea said...

Can I log in?

Andrelsea said...

Hooray....I am back! I hear some old biddies are heading off on a coach trip.....have we alerted all the cute litle policeman. They may have training in football hooligans but you guys are a different matter. Sorry I missed the drawing, I was having technical difficulties, forgot password!

piecemaker said...

Hi Mandy, missed you, Yes we're off next Friday to Harrogate.Mgt has promised not to moon out of the window ( not while it is in motion anyway !!!!!) tried to email you but was bounced back.When areyou going to visit us?