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Thursday, 8 November 2007

~*~ And the WINNER is.............................~*~

Verity picked the name out of the hat this morning

Congratulations Sharon !!!
Email me, phone, both are on the Moo card, if you still have it or leave a comment and you bag of goodies will on their way to you.Incidently Sharon, just as well you didn't have a BEE related stamp at Brockbushes, last Sunday, or you would have won one of you own stamps back !!!

Verity and I met Sharon of "Willow Designs" last Sunday at Brockbushes' Christmas Fayre.She designs and sells great stamps and scrapbooking stuff.We got talking (as you do)and it turns out that she is also a keen blogger.We exchanged cards and Sharon was as good as her word and left a comment.

The sets of ribbons are just gorgeous,I settled for the scrummy chocolate and the zingy lime green.
Sharon's blog is www.fairydustbag.blogspot.com

To finish on a very sad note however:

I know you shouldn't have favourites but my favourite cockeral died in his sleep last night.We called him "the big fella" and he had so much personality.He was an old boy and had lived a full and happy life but I will miss him looking for sunflower seeds at the back door.


sharon said...

WOOHOO!!!..I NEVER win anything..imagine my face when I saw my name on that piece of paper, it will be treasured.x..gonna email you now with my addy..
This should have happened the other day when HS : MS prompt was excited..hee hee..

sharon said...

in all my excitement forgot to say sorry about your poor cockrel..x

the happy quilter said...

Congratulations to Sharon, sorry to hear about your cockeral. Was he the father of Margaret's chicks?

Knot Garden said...

So sad about the cockerel.
Love the ribbon bundles. I can imagine you will think of lots of uses for them.

Patti said...

What a wonderful picture of the Cockerel. Sad he's gone, but I'm sure he had a good life (unlike some poor chickens)

Foghorn leghorn was my favourite cartoon as a kid "I say,I say boy..."

Eleanor said...

I thought of chocolate lime sweets when I saw your ribbons, not that I've ever had one mind you.
I dream of keeping chickens, our house is up for sale and I want to go rural. We have 5 cats does it matter, having cats and hens?
Glad I dropped by,will go and look some more.