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Saturday, 18 August 2007

~*~ Quilters Block ~*~

The whole family was on tenterhooks this week until Alex got his A'Level results on Thursday.
He telephoned me at work and I didn't come down off the ceiling for the rest of the day.
I discovered a lovely blog last week, Knotgarden, and have had great fun browsing through her old posts, check her out, she makes beautiful quilts. She also had a list of her favourite books, many of which I had myself, but I had not seen "Small Quilts with Vintage Charm" by Jo Morton. I decided to take a risk and ordered it sight unseen frow Amazon. I was not disappointed, 8 gorgeous but manageable quilts. I have now so many projects I want to do that I don't know where to start and so I am dithering about doing nothing.

When, or if, you finish a quilt you then have to decide where to display or hang it, I am always on the look out for "props" and today I found this vintage trug which will look gorgeous filled with "bits" and sitting on top of a prim quilt.
Julie also gave me the silver thimble which belonged to her mum, Joan, thank you Julie.

P.S If you are reading this at your Dad's house Verity, do feel free to fiddle around with the grammer, layout etc. as you usually do !!! LOL xxx.

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P.S. Mission completed. xxx