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Monday, 3 December 2007

~*~ Cupcake Pincushion ~*~

Calum, Verity and I are all poorly with the lurgy.Sneezing, snotting and coughing all over the place.The kids have been snuggling up in front of the TV and playing cards and I have been making this dinky pincushion.

The base is quite fiddly to insert,using ladder stitch

I filled the "cup" with lentils to give it some weight.

And then added the icing.........and a "cherry" on top.

The other one I made over the weekend but spot the deliberate mistake !!!!!


the happy quilter said...

I've got that pattern but haven't tried it yet. So what's the deliberate mistake?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I can't see the mistake either - they both look lovely! Lucy x

piecemaker said...

In the cupcake on the left,I stuffed the lining full and used it as the "Cake" instead of making it seperately,actually I think I prefer that one

Knot Garden said...

They both look lovely to me:) Nice fabrics.

Pat said...

Cupcakes,Cupcakes everywhere and not a one to eat! I love your pincushion and they both look lovely.