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Sunday, 9 December 2007

~*~ BRrrrrrrrr.............~*~

It's snowing up here in rural Northumberland!! Ok not quite as much as in the photo but still heavily, unfortunately,turning straight to slush.

I love the run up to Christmas, making gifts, decorations, wrapping, cooking and shopping but this year I cannot get into the groove, possibly because I cannot shake off this B..... cold.I have been coughing etc, etc for almost 2 weeks now and am really fed up.There is so much to do and I can't be bothered and then it will be all a rush and no fun at all.

It is Verity's 15th birthday next weekend and we like to have the decorations and tree up just before.

I have been making a few bits and pieces for presents and have some gloves to finish.

Julie has bought me some mince pies from "Betty's" and is bringing them up this afternoon.Should I freeze them or just eat them now !!!!!


the happy quilter said...

The snow was a bit of a shock to the system wasn't it? I went over to the Fat Quarters on Saturday for the Husqvarna demonstration. There was a good 2 or 3 inches of snow in the road on the way home which was quite exciting!!!! The demo turned out to be quite expensive for me but that's another story. Hope you enjoyed the mince pies. I have started on the After eights I had bought for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Eat them,,,,eat them! Hope they tasted as good as they looked. Mom is coming over here to bring Andrew's quilt and make my husband some mince pies. She makes great ones! Hope you all have a great festive season, love from Amanda