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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

~*~ Hens etc ~*~

A couple of new members have been recently ,and very gently, introduced to my small flock.
A very pretty white Leghorn, these lay beautiful, white eggs.

I originally bought 2 at the sale but they are quite wilful & highly strung so I gave one to Mary's Dad.The remaining hen is continually trying to escape & despite my best efforts & the garden looking like a set from "Chicken Run", she keeps appearing on the communal green area to the side of the house.

The quails are enclosed in a nice run & are starting to lay nicely

This is what they give us on a good day ........

Always the optimist, I ordered the most recent, recent Elm Creek book, a follow-up to the Runaway Quilt & thorougly enjoyed it.....

Last Autumn, I planted some tulip bulbs in a vintage bucket and they have been glorious for the last 2 weeks.