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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

~*~ Hens etc ~*~

A couple of new members have been recently ,and very gently, introduced to my small flock.
A very pretty white Leghorn, these lay beautiful, white eggs.

I originally bought 2 at the sale but they are quite wilful & highly strung so I gave one to Mary's Dad.The remaining hen is continually trying to escape & despite my best efforts & the garden looking like a set from "Chicken Run", she keeps appearing on the communal green area to the side of the house.

The quails are enclosed in a nice run & are starting to lay nicely

This is what they give us on a good day ........

Always the optimist, I ordered the most recent, recent Elm Creek book, a follow-up to the Runaway Quilt & thorougly enjoyed it.....

Last Autumn, I planted some tulip bulbs in a vintage bucket and they have been glorious for the last 2 weeks.


the happy quilter said...

The hens and the eggs look good. Your tulips are lovely too. You must be spending lots of time in the garden at the moment.

funkymonkey said...

I'd love a bigger garden so that I could have a few hens. They would have to be well behaved though!


Anonymous said...

hi where are you long time no see/or hear, come on tell us your news,