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Saturday, 2 February 2008

~*~ Back Online ~*~

No, I haven't been lazy, my telephone line was brought down by those gales we had last weekend.For 5 days I argued with BT, via Verity's mobile , that the fault was outside while they argued that the fault was inside the house !! It was outside !!!!

It was quite nice to be beyond reach for a short time.

Molly, my very elderly Great Dane, was poorly on Monday night and required a visit to the vets on Tuesday. I am doping her up with antibiotics,anti-inflammatorys, and some gut settling paste stuff.She seems to be better now.

The hiccup with the new house has been resolved and it's all systems go again.
Packing and sorting is quite exciting cos I keep finding things I'd forgotten about but I tend to get sidetracked and sit leafing through old photos or books instead of wrapping and packing.

It snowed here again on Friday but I managed to get to the FQ's no problem. There was nobody else there, so I helped Kim with the Gammill.

Alex has left Poland now and is heading up to Moscow. He visited Warsaw and Krakov and went on a tour of Aushwitz which was very harrowing, as you could imagine.

Calum , middle child, is 17 tomorrow, all his friends threw him a surprise party last night in a local pub !!

I am taking a few days off work next week to continue packing.


the happy quilter said...

Good to see you back on line again. I was starting to get worried aboutyou. Full marks for making it to the FQ in the snow, I chickened out, and I had Jenny home from school with a tummy bug too. Good luck with the packing!

Knot Garden said...

Nice to see you posting again. Hope Molly is feeling better.

EinzigundArtig said...

Hi, if you need the 1st BOM of the stichery - I#ll send it.Just leave your e-mail address!
Nice, looking at your blog, too!