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Saturday, 22 September 2007

~*~ Oops I did it again~*~

Friday night found me in the casualty department again. This time with a badly scalded left foot after the kettle, full of boiling water, tipped off the aga.It was completely my own fault, I was making a Tilda rose and had fabric in my right hand and can't have put the kettle squarely down on the trivet.

Calum was marvellous and took control and my leg was immmediately put under the cold shower.
The duty GP advised me to go to casualty and I arrived with my foot in a bucket of cold water.
Back home all bandaged, numerous packets of painkillers and feeling really foolish.
Tomorrow I have to go to the trauma unit in the RVI in Newcastle to have the heavily blistered foot redressed and assessed.


pauline said...

Oh NO! You poor thing, what a disaster. You'll just have to sit with your foot up and sew until it heals.
You should break a match to break the spell of bad luck, you don't want a third injury.

Jane Weston said...

That sounds very painful. I hope you are feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hello Helen, its the other pauline and carol from F. We hope your poorly foot and your hurt pride are better soon!