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Saturday, 22 September 2007

~*~ Chickens and Roses ~*~

Margaret, one of the FQ sewing group, had another trial with her incubator. I took 6 eggs to class but we found that one was cracked. 5 were put in the incubator and Margaret made up the numbers with some free-range eggs she bought from the butchers!!

Would you believe it the "butchers" eggs hatched!!! and here they are- Verity and I are having to hand rear them cos my hens won't have anything to do with them but Margaret has done a brilliant job over the last 2 weeks and both are strong and healthy.

The children are looking after me and I am sitting with my leg elevated. I have managed to finish the "Tilda" rose. I had a first attempt with felt but the result I got was not soft and fluid enough, I am quite pleased with my 20's fabric version and Caroline,I pinched your idea of using pinking shears for the leaves.


Lucy Locket said...

Hi Helen, Love the rose - but so sorry to hear about your foot! What a disaster! Who would of thought that sewing was bad for your health! (although we all KNOW how bad it is for the health of our bank accounts!) I had a friend who broke her foot ironing - I definitely knew there was something wrong with that strange hobby which is why I have never taken it up!!! Get well soon, Lucy xx

Knot Garden said...

Love your rose, but sorry to hear about you foot! Seems like you've had one injury after another:( It's a good thing your family are looking after you.

Anonymous said...

Thats a beautiful rose! I think i'll have to try to make one, It'd look lovely on any garment, theres nothign so sure as that!
great job!