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Monday, 24 September 2007

~*~ Ouch !!!! ~*~

Sunday morning found Julie and I sitting in a very dismal waiting room on the Plastics/Trauma clinic at the RVI in Newcastle.
The foot had behaved itself very well at Julie's dinner party the night before and, to be honest, I thought it would be ok when the dressing came off. How wrong can you be ! My left foot and toes are covered in horrible, fluid-filled blisters.
These blisters were cut off !! and the foot redressed with a flamazine/silver gauze combo.I have to go back again on Tuesday morning,apparently you have to keep a close eye on burns in case grafts are needed.EH !!!!

You will be relieved there are no pictures.....should I take the camera tomorrow ?

Incidently, Hi Pauline and Carol from F Clinic! ....

I have spent an hour or so today in Blogland and I want to tweek mine a bit but first I want Verity to help me get some Moo Cards.


Jane Weston said...

ooh dear...that doesn't sound good. I hope you aren't in too much pain.

Take care!

Knot Garden said...

Ooh, poor you, sounds painful! Hope it feels better soon.