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Sunday, 29 July 2007

~*~ Recent Work~*~

The latest wholecloth quilt is progressing well,I manage to do some quilting most evenings.But the traced on pattern seems to be fading especially on the floral patterned strips.The pen I used is supposed to be erased by water but is almost invisible now.(clammy hands???,yuk)What can I do?
I am intending to enter a quilt in Slaley show but cannot decide which one and I should at least start on the knitted baby booties!
Here are some photos of some recent dollies and quilts.The bunny is a Melly & Me design and 2 of the quilts are variations of patterns by Leanne Beasley.


Lucy Locket said...

Oh it's lovely to see your variations of Melly and Me and Leanne's designs! One day I'm going to get a copy of Pocket and Floss as I love that pattern! Did you see I won a copy of Mrs Perkins, the giraffe, from Melly and Me - how exciting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen
Loved the nurse please bring her into work on Thursday I can find her a job!!!