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Saturday, 29 September 2007

~*~ Knitting, Hopping, Reading and MOOing ~*~

I am finding it very difficult to find a sewing project to settle down to. I will probably be off work for a couple of weeks with this foot and see it is a good opportunity to embark on a major quilt, however what to do?

I cannot sit and do nothing, I must have something in my hands to work on. I have a little first size cardi in wool/silk to finish.
As well as making quilts for new babies, I also make up little suitcases.
These contain; a handknit in luxury yarn and matching booties
a book, normally an Ahlberg
a couple of hand embroidered vests/bodysuits
a wooden rattle or such like and something gorgeous for the new mum.
I always have a couple of these cases at the ready and I have had a run on little girls lately, hence the lovely soft pink.

I have finished Blackberry Wine by Joanne Harris and enjoyed it very much. Alex, my eldest son, has picked me up another of hers 5 Quarters of the Orange, at our local Oxfam bookshop for £2. However I have already started the new Fannie Flagg book, Can't wait to get to Heaven.

My Moo cards arrived on Friday, within a week of ordering. On the whole I am pleased with them, some of the images are a bit dark though.


wang weiquan said...

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Knot Garden said...

Gorgeous photos - I love your vintage pink yarn beehive. Those baby handknits are just gorgeous.

Lucy Locket said...

Hi Helen - I love those suitcases - what a fantastic idea! I hope your foot is feeling a bit better. We must meet up sometime soon! Lucy x

Anonymous said...

i love those moo cards!

love verity

whos boring dad now about halloween :D x x x

Wendy said...

What a neat idea to make up the suitcases for babies. The knitted sweaters are so lovely.

Anonymous said...

on the subject of indeciciveness when it comes to projects- I think i've found something that might interest you mother!
much love x x x x

Andrelsea said...

It's me....I can blog in Swiss German!!! Love the suitcases, where did you get them? I knit blankies with Sirdar snowflake wool and they are the softest baby blankies ever. A little case like that would be ideal. Hope you are feeling better soon.