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Saturday, 26 April 2008

~ *~ Normal service has been resumed.........~*~

I'm back,bigger and uglier than before, having moved house and fought the ultimate battle with BT and.........lost.
It took BT 5 weeks to flick the switch and connect me up to the phone and internet in the new abode.

What have you missed? nothing much crafty anyway.....no time.

Have had new central heating and a new bathroom fitted but not yet decorated. Verity's bedroom has been gutted and redecorated and she is settling in and getting all her nice bits and pieces out.
The decorator then said " I can emulsion your bedroom as well, if you want" and I had to spend an hour trying to choose a "funky" colour.Wimped out and picked "antique cream" How can you suddenly decide what colour a room should be in 10 mins.As my Mum would say ;the room looks fresh and clean but a bit boring.

The puppy is now 15 wks old and we have called him Pippin and he is gorgeous.
Wendy hasn't enjoyed the move and remains quite unsettled and poor Molly is failing fast.
Helped the FQ's out at the Pins & Needles show at the beginning of April.

On Tuesday 22nd April, I drove down to Newby Hall, nr Ripon, and spent a fantastic day learning about growing cut & come again flowers for the house with Sarah Raven.
The setting was great.it was a warm, sunny spring day and Sarah was a witty and informative speaker and I came away inspired, clutching lots of packets of seeds.

I started sewing seeds today and sorting out the greenhouse.

The buttons are on and the other "thing" is by Farmyard Creations which I did about 15yrs ago.

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the happy quilter said...

Welcome back to blog land!! The flower thing sounds good. Give us lots of lovely hints for the garden then.