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Sunday, 24 February 2008

~*~ Sunday ~*~

At present I am working on small, portable, easy packed away sewing projects. This little "Button" stitchery is a great way to display those 1 off, too special to use buttons.

One of the little iris bulbs in the teacups has very quietly come into bloom.

and as much as I dislike Tesco, there are sometimes bargains to be had.....4 English Lavender plants at 60p each, which will line a path in my new garden.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Ooooh I love that button stitchery! What a good idea!

Keep enjoying Sunday - Lark Rise and Lewis to look forward to this evening!

Lucy x

the happy quilter said...

The button stitchery is cute, Did you see Dawn's finished? The lavender plants are a good bargain, lavender is about the only thing that grows in my front garden, the soil is so poor and dry. Keep packing!

Leanne said...

The Iris in the tea cup is just so sweet. Love the button stitchery.

Knot Garden said...

That button stitchery is such a good idea. Bet you can't wait to add the buttons to it.

periwinkle said...

Hi, call me sad but I always feel sorry for plants that are reduced--it's like nobody loves them enough to give them a good home when they are full price--least they,ve got a good home now. Finally made it to the Fat Quarter last week, could have spent a fortune
Lisa x

Wendy K said...

Hello! The button pattern is so fun to do, I did one a year or so ago and added my Debbie Mumm buttons that I was 'saving' in a drawer...so much nicer to OOoo and AAaaa at them now! Your lavender will look lovely in your new garden.