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Thursday, 21 August 2008

~*~ About Time I Caught Up ~*~

This may be a bit of a long boring post as I try and make up for all the time I've missed.

Saturday & Sunday 12th & 13th of July, Blackhall Mill, Jennie Rayment talk and allday workshop. "Twiddling & Fiddling " with calico, excellent fun with a superb teacher.

I discovered one morning in early July,that my black silkie hen had become broody. As I no longer keep a cockeral, I acquired 6 mixed ,fertile eggs from Dave a local hen-breeder & enthusiast.
28th July I now have 4 gorgeous day old chicks. A leghorn, a legbar, a campine and an araucana.

Saturday 9th August, Slaley Show

Verity entered some under 16 cookery classes and got a brilliant First with her Choc Chip Cookies !!.

I won prizes for my quilts,a cushion and a pincushion but unfortunately did not retain the Handicraft trophy, This was won by a fabulous box.

17th August. Verity & Calum fly off to Cuba with their Dad for a 2+ weeks holiday.They will meet up at Havana airport with Alex !!!!!

The house is very quiet since the children left but P & W the dogs are valiently trying to fill the void. V, C & A have kept in touch almost daily via Juliette's mobile phone !!
21 August, The latest Elm Creek novel arrived on the mat from Amazon on Tuesday. ( ordered it on the 22nd June tho) and finished it today......a good,easy read

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the happy quilter said...

Hi pleased to hear you are still alive. Missed you today. Congrats with the slaley show again.