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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

~*~ Low Fat Treats ~*~

Picked up these scrummy treats and think they look great on one of my dressers,amongst some of my Emma Bridgewater pottery . I have been quietly gathering this pottery for about 10 yrs.

I have pieced the "strippy " top of my new quilt and am now drawing on the quilting pattern,this is quite a slow process which has to be done on my kitchen table and I am longing to be able to sit outside,in the sunshine ,and hand quilt the top

One of my speckled sussex hens has been sitting on a clutch of 6 eggs for over 2 weeks now ,I am a bit unsure of the exact date as she settled down whilst I was on holiday . Hopefully I will be able to post some really cute photos within the next week
I am going to continue with my quilt and listen to Radio 4


Lucy Locket said...

Gosh Helen - how long will that hand quilting take? I have just had to give my two bantams away because we had to put concrete slabs on the bottom of their run to stop 4 legged creatures getting in and as we can't move the run it has been getting really horrid (and it is impossible to get in to clean out as it is only about 3ft high) in all this wet weather. I just decided they would be better off somewhere where there was more room for them - our garden really isn't big enough :(

Thimbleanna said...

Just found you via Lucy -- Welcome to Blogland and Happy Belated Birthday!!!